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FC 9000 Series
Now Available!

Workhorse 2

The Workhorse 2 brings reliability, accuracy, and efficiency to your shop, allowing you to provide your customers with stunning finished results and boost profits. Grab yours today!   *Please note: The Workhorse2 now ships via FREIGHT    

53″ Workhorse

Upgrade Your Tinting Operation with the Versatility, Reliability, and Rich Features of the Workhorse Tint & PPF Cutter.  NOW IN STOCK!

Vinyl Master V5

For use with WindowsOS ONLY!
• Designing Super High Quality Vector (only with Letter and up) Artwork • Providing you with a Powerful Suite of Sign making Tools • Easily laying out your Artwork/Designs/Creations/Logos Professionally • Publishing your Artwork to a Super-High Resolution PDF • Cutting your Artwork from a Vinyl Cutter inc. Laser/ARMS Cutters, Engraver or Router

28″ Workhorse

With an advanced servo motor and vacuum technology, the 28” Workhorse is a solid choice for beginner and advanced plotters. Capable of cutting a wide range of window patterns for virtually any car you can imagine, this plotter is a great way to upgrade your shop. Quiet and reliable, you can easily fit this plotter in an empty corner.

GCC Jaguar V LX Vinyl Cutter Plotter 40″

The new Jaguar IV series comes with intuitive features to meet the demands of today's professionals. The Jaguar series represents the peak of vinyl cutting plotter technology Each pinch roller can be positioned and operated individually, widening the Jaguar cutting plotter's range of applications. Equipped with a unique media basket, Jaguar ingeniously keeps your vinyl off the floor and away from dust or contaminants. Your production will be a clean and efficient operation.  


From: $99.00 / month
Film Cut allows you to get started with your first window patterns in a matter of minutes. A user-friendly interface and simple tools provide you with everything you need to start cutting patterns without the learning curve. To start cutting patterns, all you need to do is select the manufacturer, model, and year. It’s that simple. FilmCut is fast, easy to use, has over 170,000 extremely accurate Tint & PPF patterns, and it's affordable. So what's stopping you from taking your window tinting business to the next level?

* Your registration keys will be emailed to you after your order processes. Allow 24hrs (excluding weekends/holidays) to process your order.


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