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Workhorse 2

The Workhorse 2 brings reliability, accuracy, and efficiency to your shop, allowing you to provide your customers with stunning finished results and boost profits. Grab yours today.

53″ Workhorse

Workhorse will be back in stock on March 15th (estimate). Upgrade your tinting operation with the versatility, reliability, and rich features of the Workhorse vinyl cutter.

28″ Workhorse

With an advanced servo motor and vacuum technology, the 28” Workhorse is a solid choice for beginner and advanced plotters. Capable of cutting a wide range of window patterns for virtually any car you can imagine, this plotter is a great way to upgrade your shop. Quiet and reliable, you can easily fit this plotter in an empty corner.

Film Cut Pro (Vinyl)

From: $1,440.00 / year
If you’re looking for a comprehensive, advanced piece of plotter software with plenty of features and capabilities, then you need Film Cut Pro. This powerful tool provides you with everything you need to transform your shop, including windshield patterns, eyebrows, and much more. With nesting capabilities, you can reposition your patterns, allowing you to minimize film waste and save more money with each printed pattern. Film Cut Pro also has a number of additional features to help you make the most out of your tinting business, and it can be a smart long-term investment.

62″ Roland Plotter – GR640

Intuitive controls allow users to set-up and cut a huge range of media with ease and precision. Adjust blade offset-values for accurate cutting, store up to 2MB of preset cutting data and utilize other intelligent machine features.

Film Cut

From: $85.00 / month
Film Cut allows you to get started with your first window patterns in a matter of minutes. A user-friendly interface and simple tools provide you with everything you need to start cutting patterns without the learning curve. To start cutting patterns, all you need to do is select the manufacturer, model, and year. It’s that simple. If you’re looking for a more complex piece of plotter software, you may want to consider Film Cut Pro. This upgraded option provides you additional features such as windshield patterns, eyebrows, nesting, and much more.

FC 9000 Series
Coming Soon