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30″ Graphtec FC9000-75

The smallest of Graphtec’s flagship series, the FC9000-75 nonetheless comes with all the same features as its larger cousins, including a totally re-engineered feeding system and smart automation.

42″ Graphtec FC9000-100

Big enough to handle larger jobs while fitting perfectly in a smaller shop, the FC-9000-100 checks all the boxes. Perfect for both new tint shops and experienced professionals, this plotter is Graphtec’s most advanced piece of machinery.   Shipping Cost is for COMMERCIAL DELIVERY ONLY!

54″ Graphtec FC9000-140

Great for those larger patterns, the FC9000-140 provides 54 inches of cutting width, ARMS 8.0, and exceptional versatility for accurate, high-quality results every time.

64″ Graphtec FC9000-160

The FC9000-160 is the largest plotter in Graphtec’s flagship line, and it brings plenty of punch to the table. With a re-engineered feeding system, ARMS 8.0, and exceptional versatility, you can achieve accurate and consistent results for your high-achieving business.   Shipping Cost is for COMMERCIAL DELIVERY ONLY!