All plotters come standard with a 30-day money-back guarantee (minus the cost of shipping) and coverage for:

  • 5 years of parts and labor for the ECOCUT
  • 5 years of parts and labor for the WORKHORSE
  • 5 years of parts and labor for the WORKHORSE 2
  • There no returns for any of the Graphtec, Jaguar, Mimaki or Roland plotters.


  • If the returned plotter has damage, it is subject to a restock fee, at our discretion.


Plotter Depot also provides 120 days of free shipping on replacements (the continental US only).  

A 30% Restocking fee after 30 days will apply.  After 120 days, cutters cannot be returned for a refund.
In the event your cutter needs service, a remote technical support technician will troubleshoot the plotter with you. We will send free spare parts via USPS as needed and coach you through the installation/repair of your cutter. Blades and PTFE cutting strips are considered "wear" parts and are not covered under warranty. Scratches on deck plates and other normal cosmetic wear are excluded under this policy.
In the event your cutter cannot be serviced remotely and need to be brought in for service, you are responsible for shipping to and from the facility after 120 days. We highly recommend saving the packaging for your cutter for as long as possible.
Once we receive your cutter, we will repair it, clean it, and test it at no charge.
In the extremely unlikely event that your cutter cannot be repaired, we will replace your unit with another unit of the same or better condition at our discretion.