Best Car Tint Plotter Systems to Cut Film & PPF in 2022 and Beyond

Plotter technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up. If you’re making the switch from hand-cutting to plotters, it’s important to do some research and determine the best possible options on the market today. Choosing the right plotter is extremely important if you want to make your shop as efficient and productive as possible. Fortunately, PlotterDepot offers a wide range of options, allowing you to make the best choice based on your specific needs. 

How Does a Plotter System Work?

Using a plotter, you can cut patterns for auto window film, PPF, vinyl, and more. This fast, accurate process allows you to handle more customers each day and maximize profit margins. A plotter is actually a combination of two elements: the plotter machine itself and plotter software. In order to use these two elements effectively, you will need:

  • Internet access
  • Plotter software
  • A Plotter
  • Window film, PPF, or Vinyl
  • A vehicle upon which to install the patterns

The process is actually very simple:

  • Log into your plotter software
  • Select the brand, model, and year of the vehicle you’re working on
  • Select the windows or areas that you need to install
  • Customize your patterns if necessary
  • Load the desired film, PPF, or vinyl into the plotter
  • Turn the plotter on and test the blade
  • Begin cutting your pattern
  • Install the film as usual

Choosing the Best Plotters

Although the process of using a plotter is very simple, you can make this process even easier by choosing the right plotter. Some plotters are much simpler to use and more suitable for newbies. Others are designed for those who are already comfortable with plotters. In addition, you can choose a plotter that matches your budget, and this can help you make a confident investment in your business without breaking the bank. So what are some of the best plotters available in 2022?

The Workhorse

(Works with FilmCut & FilmCut Pro)

The Workhorse is one of our more popular plotters at PlotterDepot, and it comes in a number of variants. The 28” Workhorse is a solid choice for installers who would like to cut patterns for smaller windows such as quarter windows, and this affordable plotter has a price tag of  $1,099 and comes with a servo moto. It’s also extremely quiet, allowing you to upgrade your shop without disturbing employees and customers. It’s also a great option if you’re running your tinting business out of your home garage. 

The 53” Workhorse is a larger variant that comes with a max cut length of 360 inches. This allows you to cut virtually any pattern you can imagine for a wide range of vehicles. Reliable cutting force and variable-speed operation help this plotter pack a real punch. With a price tag of $1,599, it’s also an affordable way to upgrade tinting shops of all sizes. 

If you really want to upgrade your shop, however, you should consider the additional accuracy, reliability, and durability of the Workhorse 2. This plotter is a step above the normal Workhorse models, and it boasts a totally redesigned and improved carriage. Bigger, more rigid, and more consistent, the Workhorse 2 reduces deflection and offers consistent cutting force, resulting in extremely accurate results. Whether you’re working with window film, vinyl, or PPF, you can exert the right amount of cutting force for precise cuts. This plotter comes in 55-inch and 64-inch variants, with a price tag that ranges between $1,999 and $2,999. 

The Ecocut

 (Works with FilmCut & FilmCut Pro)

If you’re just starting out and you’re looking for the best bang for your buck on a full sized plotter, you should definitely consider the 53″ Ecocut. Priced at just $1,179, this plotter brings a surprising number of features to the table and is extremely newbie-friendly. With a simple LCD and easy-to-use controls, this plotter is compatible with both Mac and PC. All-metal moving parts provide plenty of reliability, and it features a precise, laser-assisted alignment system. Additional features include high-quality pinch rollers, a reliable stepper motor, and a wheeled carriage for easy transport and setup. It’s a solid all-around choice that won’t break the bank. 

Roland Plotters

(Works with FilmCut & FilmCut Pro)

Plotter Depot also carries a number of Roland plotters, which are considered by many to be the “gold standard” in plotter technology. Although these plotters don’t come cheap, they provide your shop with unparalleled quality and precision. These plotters might be your best bet if you’re ready to upgrade from a cheaper plotter. Alternatively, you could grab a Roland as your first plotter if you’re experiencing tremendous growth at your shop. Whatever the case may be, these Roland plotters are capable of handling pretty much anything you can throw at them. 

The Roland GX400 costs $6,999 and offers cutting speeds of 850 mm per second, allowing you to handle more customers each day. This plotter also gives you speed, quantity, and quality with its super-precise mechanical revolutions and legendary reliability. With CAMM-1 technology and downward forces of up to 350 grams, you can cut virtually any materials with this plotter, whether you’re working with vinyl, PPF, or window film. In addition, the GX400 is actually pretty easy to use for newbies, despite its advanced features. 

 In addition, PlotterDepot offers a 62-inch Roland GR640, which might just be one of the best plotters on the market right now. If you want unparalleled control over the finished results, the GR640 might be the best choice. Featuring incredible customization options and advanced AI, this plotter offers breathtaking cutting speeds of up to 1,485 millimeters per second. Combine that with 600 grams of cutting force, and you have a reliable, accurate plotter that can seriously upgrade your business. With a price tag of $7,500, this plotter is best for successful tinting shop owners who want to reach for that next level of performance and quality. 

Mimaki Plotters

(Works with  FilmCut Pro)

Mimaki is another well-respected name in the tinting world, and the brand provides several exceptional plotters for those who want to revolutionize their tinting shops. The Mimaki CG-130SRII costs $3,200 and provides a number of impressive features. These include Real-Time Stroke Control (RSC), mark-sensor functions, and intuitive controls for a versatile, easy-to-use, and reliable device. Exceptional sensors ensure that mistakes are detected and corrected before they even occur. 

The Mimaki CG-FXII PLUS is one of this brand’s most advanced plotters, and it ranges in price from $5,595 to $6,795. ID Cut Functions, advanced optical sensors, and over-cut capabilities combine to create a truly advanced plotter. You can also set up six rolls of media at any given time and choose from three different jog speeds. 

The CG-SRIII is one of Mimaki’s most affordable options, especially if you choose the CG-100SRIII variant, which is priced at just $1,495. These plotters provide excellent curve-cutting speeds and plenty of remote-cutting functions for a “set it and forget it” experience. Step away from the plotter and let it cut your patterns while you focus on other tasks! A great choice for new and established shops that are dealing with plenty of customers. 


(Works with FilmCut & FilmCut Pro)

Last but not least – a few words on Graphtec. Another reliable name in the plotter world, Graphtec offers plotters such as the FC8600-60 and the FC8600-160. These devices offer quiet servo motors, fast perf-cutting speeds, and excellent scanning tools. Ethernet connectivity makes setup a breeze for newbies. The FC8600-160 also offers an ARMS system, tangential emulation, and cutting forces of up to 600 grams for a truly versatile and effective plotter. 

Where Can I Get these Plotters?

To order any of these plotters, all you need to do is head on over to PlotterDepot. Not only do we offer a wide range of plotters, but we also sell different kinds of plotter software. This one-stop shop provides you with everything you need to upgrade your shop with an efficient, reliable plotter. Check out PlotterDepot today to learn more about the best plotters in 2022.