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From: $99.00 / month
Film Cut allows you to get started with your first window patterns in a matter of minutes. A user-friendly interface and simple tools provide you with everything you need to start cutting patterns without the learning curve. To start cutting patterns, all you need to do is select the manufacturer, model, and year. It’s that simple. FilmCut is fast, easy to use, has over 170,000 extremely accurate Tint & PPF patterns, and it's affordable. So what's stopping you from taking your window tinting business to the next level?

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FilmCut Pro (Vinyl)

From: $1,440.00 / year
If you’re looking for a comprehensive, advanced piece of plotter software with plenty of features and capabilities, then you need Film Cut Pro. This powerful tool provides you with everything you need to transform your shop, including windshield patterns, eyebrows, and much more. With nesting capabilities, you can re-position your patterns, allowing you to minimize film waste and save more money with each printed pattern. Film Cut Pro also has a number of additional features to help you make the most out of your tinting business, and it can be a smart long-term investment.   This software is only compatible with a Windows computer.  

Vinyl Master V5

For use with WindowsOS ONLY!
• Designing Super High Quality Vector (only with Letter and up) Artwork • Providing you with a Powerful Suite of Sign making Tools • Easily laying out your Artwork/Designs/Creations/Logos Professionally • Publishing your Artwork to a Super-High Resolution PDF • Cutting your Artwork from a Vinyl Cutter inc. Laser/ARMS Cutters, Engraver or Router